May 01, 2012

Mother Nature: The Ultimate Decorator

Last year was a tough one for outdoor lovers in Texas. The drought hit early and it hard. Even the wildflower rainbow typically gracing the beautiful Texas Hill Country was too parched to peak.

But this year they are back as bold and beautiful as ever. One of the fabulous treats in my springtime camping adventures has been enjoying the ever-changing palette gracing the campgrounds.

We spotted our first Texas bluebonnet at Inks Lake State Park in February...Soon after this shot Taz ate the flower. I'm not sure but I think that might be illegal in Texas.

By March, Taz had miles of bluebonnets to smell.

On a glamping trip to Guadalupe River State Park in April, the wildflowers were unbelievable. I'm so grateful I started taking the time to enjoy all of the art that our environment has to offer. There is no more beautiful gallery of color and motion.

Guadalupe River State Park springtime hike.
These lovely ladies were captured on a hiking trail in Southwest Austin, Texas
Can't forget to give a a shout out to some other wildflower fans - all from the Guadalupe River State Park.
There are still a lot of fabulous flowers gracing the campgrounds just waiting to be enjoyed. Happy May Day!

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